Bugatti Scuro Robusto – Review

Bugatti, best known for their cars, also has a cigar you can enjoy if you can’t afford the wheels!

The cigar begins with a bitter note, but not one that’s unpleasant. More like taking a bite out of really bitter chocolate, one with 90 percent cocoa. That slight bitterness continues at the end of the draw down to the first one third of the cigar, accompanied by the flavour of wet wood. It matures half way down, with the bitterness gone. The wet wood changes to dry wood shavings which then continues all the way to the end. In the last inch it’s joined by a light floral note, with a hint of sweet spice, but it’s faint and you’ll notice it on the finish. Not a very complex cigar, with an almost one dimensional flavour profile. Lasting about an hour, you’ll want to pair this a double espresso.

Length: 5 inches

Ring Gauge: 50

Origin: Dominican


Wrapper Colour: Maduro

Rolling: Good

Cut employed: guillotine, shallow cut


Aroma (Unlit): Malt

Cold Draw Aroma (After lighting): Topnote – Bitter almond; Secondary notes – Lead/Graphite

Cold Draw Flavour: Bitter cocoa

At 1/3: Wet wood, bitter leaves

At 2/3: Wood shavings

At 3/3: Wood shavings, light floral


Burn: Slight tunneling at the start. Needed relighting.

Ash: Firm and light gray.

Strength: Medium to full bodied

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